Prajnaji´s Short Biography

On August 5th 1946 Prajnaji was born in the small town 'El Maranon'  in the jungle of Panama. Located near the Pacific Ocean, the inhabitants were poor fishermen, who departed in the early morning hours to go fishing.
She describes her first spiritual encounter with God vividly: “When I was three years old, I encountered the awareness of ‘who I am’. From my belly were sounds of joy or existence of laughter. The living force from the inside was revealed to my heart, covering my whole being in a ‘physical blanket’. The others can’t see the blanket, only it´s reflection. The brilliance of this consciousness was present in the life of my face. My mother mentioned that my first words were Love, God. No one taught me the words DIOS, Amor, GOD or Love.” 

At the age of six the light of consciousness was revealed to her in the physical sense: “I saw my body standing fearlessly and with absolute boldness in front of God. There was no separation from God. No duality – there was only oneness. At the age of seven, I had a visit from Jesus Christ. He showed me how to live in the spirit here on earth. He became my master. From then onward I was lavished with the grace of God.”

In 1993 a change occurred. Never being exposed to Indian culture, knowledge or tradition, she was invited to India. “On the first night, an old man in diapers entered my bedroom. I thought it was the cleaning man. He told me, that I have to go and see Papaji. So someone took me. When I entered the lobby, I saw a framed picture of the man in diapers. They told me, that he was dead and that his name was Ramana Maharshi. At my first encounter with Papaji, he took me to his house and opened his diary. There was a drawing of me and all kinds of information on my personal life. He said, he had been waiting for me. His master Ramana Maharshi had told him, that I was coming. He also told me, to stay with him as a daughter, as I was too rebellious to be a devotee. And that he was to prepare me for the work in Germany. After this encounter, I went into Samadhi for 15 days.”

From then on Prajnaji started giving Satsang all over the world. “In 1996 Ramana Maharshi showed me, that a time for a tremendous transformation and a different state of consciousness awareness will take place. I saw myself turning from a human tornado into total quietness and I laughed.” On the 15th October 2010, Prajanaji’s body collapsed and experienced great physical illness. For 1 ½ years all connection with God, Jesus, Mother Mary, Ramana Maharshi and anything having to do with consciousness and vision disappeared. “God’s voice became silent. My soul was in a dungeon of physical and emotional pain. I was experiencing human pain in its worst form: Hate, anger, jealousy and total separation from God. Deadness and lifelessness overtook me. All that was 'Prajnaji' disappeared. I was living the identification with my body - like I was trapped in hell.”

For 1 ½ years the lavishing love, that she had experienced for 64 years was gone. “No healer, no doctors could tell me what had happened. I was in a state of total desperation. I did not know myself - who I was and who I had become. In my weakest moment, when I thought there was no end, God spoke to me: ‘You are restored!’ These words were so strong, yet soft and firm. The spirit of God said: ‘This experience you went through was your heart’s desire to. You wanted to know the mind of a criminal, who have forgotten who they are. You wanted to know the mind of the atheist, who denies God. You wanted to know the mind of those desperately searching for God. Now you know.’ “



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