Sharing the Vision

For whom is this vision? For those, who are ready to walk in the spirit without recycling their humanness! To walk in the spirit means to live in full awareness of who you are. As children of the highest being, we are to undress ourselves from the usual human mind-thoughts into the spiritual mindset we are already.

This process takes a permanent living in awareness.

Prajnaji sees about 25 conscious and dedicated persons for this vision who see themselves as leaders and will become a stepping stone for a new generation. Altogether we are to create and nurture the space where the divine presence is experienced and revelation takes place. The group of people accompanying her will live and work together with her in the HEALING HOUSE, where everyone will play a part according to his/her individual abilities. Professional people who need a time out or recreation time and support, as well as individuals who are in the awakening process and need a firm support system, will be invited to participate in this vision. We all – as a support group – in the HEALING HOUSE will provide the spiritual and psychological support, and the physical nourishment to go into the next step of awareness.

The Inner Circle

Some of the people who want to stay in the house for a longer period of time are to go through the process of healing themselves.
The motivation to engage in the HEALING HOUSE might be of different nature in each particular case. In any case, every interested person is to be specific as to what time period they want to be engaged.

Peace: Many people desire to hear their inner voice, to forsake old paths and to embark on a courageous journey without ever doing so. The life concept HEALING HOUSE fulfills this desire of living in a new exotic surrounding with a lot of sun, the great Pacific Ocean, and luscious nature in order to feel one’s own vitality stronger again and so be able to contribute actively to a new life concept. A healthy diet and self-managed cultivation of fruits, vegetables and herbs will be focused on. The experience of closeness to nature will create a new sense of security. Investing in your own spiritual development is what you came here for, this should be the priority. The only way to reach the mountain of eternal security is when you find out who you are.     That helps to release all the unwanted fear and the burdening thoughts and to stop having to struggle with your future.

Joy: Many people in helping professions are ultimately on their own, because of a lack of healthy human interaction. In this sense, living in the HEALING HOUSE will offer the solution: a partnership for life where people accompany and support themselves mutually. Common values bond together and will be filled with life. They will be there for each other; they will be sharing common ground.

Silence: Deep down every person longs for the state of having arrived and to stay in the space of silence. The whole intensity of deepest presence is a yearning. That means to no longer be driving into the pool of action and reaction, having to do things to please others or to find recognition for your actions, but to still be absolutely awake and completely in peace of mind. The condition of the spirit is to be in silence when the mind subsides to the heart. Prajnaji was instructed again and again by her spiritual leaders that the time of silence will come. The time has now come! and the HEALING HOUSE with the corresponding property will offer the appropriate pre-conditions.

The place of healing already exists

The area is situated at a place of power, a crossing point of energy. In the past it was populated by different Indian tribes, one of them were the Mayas. The powerful oscillation of this place can be felt by sensitive people and can be intensified by conscious living and respect for nature. This is ideally suited for the inner process and for restoration.

The three remote private estates which Maria Gates already bought are in the middle of the jungle of Panama and are part of the closed residence “Altos del Maria “. The undeveloped area encloses 9.224 m² and provides a stunning view on the Pacific (28 km), the Atlantic (80 km) and the sea Gatun (75 km of distance). Throughout the year an agreeable mountain climate guarantees soft and sunny temperatures representing the best basis for environmentally conscious building and living. Beautiful trails lead across the adjoining forests with water falls, private rivers, and prehistoric caverns and a stunning wilderness.

Altos del Maria can be reached by car in one hour and 20 minutes from Panama City. Arriving from the international airport about
65 minutes will be required. As Altos del Maria has an own landing ground for helicopters with transfer service, the area can also be approached by helicopter from the city in 10 minutes. Thanks to the prosperous vicinity the standard of security is very high, because respected businessmen and ambassadors have their summer estates there.


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